A self paced course that explores the roadmap of dream healing using the chakras.

So, you're a dreamer?

✨You know your dreams are important but you can't seem to get a grasp on what they mean or why you're having these recurring dreams!

✨People you know, or don't, keep showing up and you wake up with such deep emotions that you just wish your dreams clearly told you what changes are needed to make in your waking life.

What if I told you dreamwork allows you to...

💞Mend relationships in dreams that bring closure in waking life

🧘🏻‍♀️Find imbalances in your energetic body, physical and mental state of mind

🙏🏼HEAL areas of your life that have felt hopeless for so long

That's exactly what we'll explore through various dream healing activities that follow the chakras.

Hi, I'm Meli!

and I've had these same questions too. I was an insomniac, didn’t remember my dreams and kept having the same dreams on repeat.

Once I understood what these dreams meant not only did the dream shift but my life did too.

I was able to uncover the root cause of my anxieties and make the shifts that got me here!

The cool thing about this journey we are about to embark on is that once you become aware of what the dream is trying to tell you usually the dream will shift into problem solving mode giving you action steps to bring into your current life and closure

Dream Healing: A Journey through the Chakras is broken down into 7 key phases that explores different dream healing practices for each chakra.


We start off with an hour long lesson of what dream healing is, why it's important and practices for each step of the roadmap.


The root chakra is all about the foundations for a strong dream healing practice.


Getting creative with our sacral chakra and setting up the space with our tools for the deep work!


It's time to get into action and in this chakra we not only talk about specific boundaries to consider as your dream work starts expanding but also the exact steps to interpret your dreams.


In the heart center we talk about mending relationships through dreams and overall emotional dreams that show up.


Here we explore how we can find our authentic voice and even receive messages in your dreams. We also dive into the power of sounds and how they affect dreams.


Tapping into our intuition center, the center of dreams and specific tools we can use to enhance our intuition while using them for dream work as well.


Ending our exploration with interpreting messages from our angels and guides in our dreams. Each lessons also explores dream symbols, colors and dream types related to the chakra.


A 52 page workbook divided into 3 sections that goes along with this course including ways to optimize your dream chamber, feng shui for better sleep, Journal prompts, check-ins and exercises for each stage of the roadmap, using astrology for dreams and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

But what if I don’t dream?

Everyone dreams we just don’t always remember. Dream recall is covered in the lessons and workbook!

Is there a time limit to this class?

There is no time limit for this class and it was created with the intention to do each section a week but you have immediate access to go at your own pace.

What if I can’t commit to the dream work? 

You’re already doing some type of dream work each night right? This course will help you get the most benefit, awareness and healing out of the time you are already spending sleeping. 

Ready to dive into the world of dreams and the chakras??