The Cosmic Dream Alchemy course is an 8 phase program that uses astrology to uncover the deeper meaning in your dreams so that you can communicate with your subconscious and live to your highest potential.

Do you feel like your dreams are trying to tell you something important but you just can't seem to figure it out?

🌠Are you feeling stuck in anxious patterns and don’t know if Mercury is to blame again or if you even have control over these planetary energies. 

🌠Do you want to understand why your emotions seem so out of control and don’t know how to get unstuck in life or where to start.

🌠Do you have so much going on in your life that you’re having a hard time processing or find yourself checking out throughout your day in order to not deal with certain issues?

🌠What about your sleep patterns?😴 Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night unable to shut your mind down?

🌠Do you want to discover how your dreams can contribute to your life and why some dreams repeat night after night?

🌠Would you like to learn how to control them and bring the value of each dream into your waking life?

Do you wish you could understand why certain things trigger you?

💫Learn to regulate your emotions, overcome night terrors, use your dreams wisdom in waking life, remember the dreams you have, understand what they mean and why you dream these things.

💫Uncover how this all relates to your purpose, reduce stressors that still haunt you and have restful sleep each night so you can wake up feeling energized? Do you wish there was an easier way to get the answers to life problems or decide between two or more paths.

Directly ask your subconscious what to do when you feel torn.

Would you like to be more self aware and not afraid of what your dreams will reveal? Wish you understood what role astrology plays in your daily life.

Want to understand why some dreams feel so real? How to use dreams as inspiration for your life and how to heal relationships.

Once you’ve learned how to interpret your dreams and use astrology for a deeper meaning you will have deeper awareness, flow with these energies instead of against them and be in alignment with your true purpose.

The answers to all your questions are in your dreams, the guidance within the cosmos. 🌙

Well that’s exactly why I created the Cosmic Dream Alchemy course where I teach you how to understand your dreams and current cosmic influences so you can become a conscious creator of your dream life.

I’ve had these same questions and struggles before.

I was an insomniac, didn’t remember my dreams and kept having the same dreams on repeat.

Once I understood what these dreams meant not only did the dream shift but my life did too.

I was able to uncover the root cause of my anxieties and make the shifts that got me here!

The cool thing about this journey we are about to embark on is that once you become aware of what the dream is trying to tell you usually the dream will shift into problem solving mode giving you action steps to bring into your current life and closure

8 phase program to transform your life using dream interpretation & astrology.


Starting from the basics we work on getting your sleep in order and I teach you different ways to remembering your dreams so that you can have a glimpse at what your truly feeling.


History of dream work and dream incubation. Dream work has been around for a long time and in learning the history we can apply certain practices to our own dreams. We will also go over the different types of dreams and tools that can be used for each so that you can distinguish between past life dreams vs subconscious messages and others. 


Dream Symbols and interpretation. Here we will be breaking down how to find your own unique interpretation so that you can create your own connections between your dreams and your waking life. 


We will go over the chakra system, how they show up in dreams and planet associations. Here you get a glimpse of different holistic modalities to enhance your dreams using tools like tarot, essential oils, crystals and more and what to do after you find the meaning. We will also explore different types of dream healing such as Lucid dreaming. We talk more about each in the mentorship program.


Now that we have the dream healing covered we will dive into how to read your chart in the next few modules. We will be plotting your natal chart and exploring what the houses mean so you can see what areas of life experience are more prominent in your chart.


Learn what the signs and planets means and how they relate to dreams. You will start connecting the dots between the dreams you’re having and where they are showing up in your chart. We will also explore Chiron, the wounded healer. In learning and healing this core wound you then become the wounded healer and can move past these major life triggers.


Guidance comes from understanding the current planet placements and how they affect your personal natal chart. We will add this information to your own dream dictionary for a deeper interpretation but the best part is you can also use this in your day to day life to see when the ideal time to start a project, relationship, or lay low and slow down. This is key to flowing with the planetary energies in your day to day life instead of forcing and struggling to swim against the stream.


Putting it all together in this last module we put all the pieces together and go over the process of cosmic dream alchemy. Here you will learn how to create your own action steps to lasting transformation using astrology as a guide and your dreams as the messenger.

Or choose the 3 Month Payment Plan

Or choose the 3 Month Payment Plan

Are you ready to transform your waking life through dream work?


Or choose the 3 Month Payment Plan

✔️Astro workbook + Moon charting template - Track your intentions and releases for the new and full moon. The more you work with these the more you will find patterns with yourself when the moon is in a certain sign.
(Value: $49)

✔️12 meditations and exercises for each zodiac sign -Use these every new and full moon so you can harness the energies of the moon (value: $120)

Are you ready to transform your waking life through dream work?


Or choose the 3 Month Payment Plan

If you’re curious about all things dream related, astrology and how they can improve your life, reduce stress and improve your sleep then you’re in the right place.

By the end of this program you will be able to:

✔️Discover ways to overcome sleep disturbances and enjoy uninterrupted rest

✔️Harness the power of dream recall for personal growth

✔️Gain insight into the meaning behind your dreams and actionable steps to implement in your daily life,

✔️Wake up with clarity and understanding of the messages in your dreams

✔️Utilize dream work, astrology and other holistic tools to work through past traumas and improve relationships

Are you ready to transform your waking life through dream work?


Or choose the 3 Month Payment Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

But what if I don’t dream?

Everyone dreams we just don’t always remember. Dream recall is the first topic we cover with multiple techniques to help you remember.

Is there a time limit to this class?

There is no time limit for either class and it is self paced with a new module unlocking every two weeks to allow for implementation.

What if I can’t commit to the dream work? 

You’re already doing some type of dream work each night right? This program will help you get the most benefit, awareness and healing out of the time you are already spending sleeping. 

Are you ready to transform your waking life through dream work?


Or choose the 3 Month Payment Plan

Are you ready to transform your waking life through dream work?


Or choose the 3 Month Payment Plan