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This bundle includes two self paced courses that guides you through growing a business authentically 👩🏻‍💻 & how to communicate with your subconscious through dream interpretation. 💫


🌠Phase 1- 4: Dream Work
First we 🔑 unlock the language of our dreams using various holistic modalities and techniques. Here you will learn how to program your dreams to get specific questions answered and transform different areas of your life.

🌠Phase 5 - 7: Astrology
We then dive into astrology, your natal chart and transit astrology. 🌙Learning how the planets influence your waking life and dreams creating a connection between the two. Includes other modalities such as Crystals 💎, Essential Oils, Tarot and more to deepen your interpretations.

🌠Phase 8: Alchemy
We put it all together by applying the process of Cosmic Dream Alchemy 🔮to create an action plan towards lasting transformation using astrology as a guide and your dreams as the messenger.

Or choose the 4 Month Payment Plan


⚙ a system that allows you to check in on the state of your business

⚙ guide to setting up the bare essentials for your business to run smoothly so you can actually take days off and still make money

⚙ clarity on finding the ONE thing you're passionate about sharing even if you have many interests

⚙ strengthening your message so the right people are naturally drawn to your offerings

⚙ full workbook to map out your aligned business plan and workshop walking you through it

👩🏻‍💻Step by step videos on setting up an...

  • online shop
  • online courses
  • membership
  • automating social media
  • and more with rituals on how to always check in to remain aligned with your mission

Or choose the 4 Month Payment Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

But what if I don’t dream?

Everyone dreams we just don’t always remember. Dream recall is the first topic we cover with multiple techniques to help you remember.

Is there a time limit to this class?

There is no time limit for these courses and are both self paced with a new module unlocking every week for the business course and every two weeks for Cosmic Dream Alchemy to allow for implementation.

Will I benefit from this bundle if I’m not interested in starting a business?

If you have no interest in starting a business but want to learn about dream interpretation for yourself I would suggest just enrolling in the Cosmic Dream Alchemy self paced course instead of this bundle.

Or choose the 4 Month Payment Plan


(value $200)

to dive deeper into your own dream interpretations and use with your client sessions. Create your aligned business plan and work with the energetic vibration of your new business.


💻Rituals and meditations for bringing more abundance, prosperity and connecting with different aspects of your dreams.

Or choose the 4 Month Payment Plan